Rehabilitation Psychology

A full gamut of specialized care, including in-patient services, daycare, out-patient services, and follow-up clinics.
Rehabilitation psychology is the learning and application of psychological principles on behalf of an individual, who have disability due to injury or illness. Rehabilitation psychologists, often assess and treat cognitive, emotional, and functional difficulties, and help people to overcome barriers in life activities.
Rehabilitation psychologists at Ucchvas are involved in practice, research, and advocacy, with the broad goal of fostering independence and opportunity for people with disabilities.
Rehabilitation Psychology

Following are the services of Rehabilitation Psychology that has made Ucchvas, lead the way:

Administration of standardized and non‐standardized tests of cognitive and psychological functioning, behavioral observation methods and culturally sensitive interviewing techniques.
Evaluation and treatment of both individual and family/caregiver coping and adaptation.
Individual and group interventions including counseling and psychotherapy, cognitive remediation, behavioral management, enhancing use of assistive technology, and facilitation of healthy team functioning