Rehab Nursing

A full gamut of specialized care, including in-patient services, daycare, out-patient services, and follow-up clinics.
The goal of rehabilitation nursing is to assist and support individuals with a disability and/or chronic illness to attain and maintain maximum function. Rehab nursing, to name a few include care of the unconscious, feeding individuals with swallowing difficulties and preventing complications related to prolonged stay in bed.
The services range from routine nursing care of the patient like bathing in bed, movements in the bed and off the bed, periodic change of postures and positions in the bed, application of stockings and various hygienic pads / dressings, feeding the patient including the tube feeding, advocating medications, oral and parenteral, giving mouth, eye and skin care etc.
Rehab Nursing

The services offered are:

Airway management including care of tracheotomy
Care of bladder and bowel including catheter care
Periodic Monitoring and documenting patient’s vital parameters including pulse oximetry, respiratory status, seizure monitoring, status of consciousness, cardiac parameters etc