Rehab Nursing

A full gamut of specialized care, including in-patient services, daycare, out-patient services, and follow-up clinics.
The goal of rehabilitation nursing is to assist individuals with a disability and/or chronic illness to attain and maintain maximum function. Performing hands-on nursing care, by utilizing the nursing process to achieve quality outcomes for clients, Ucchvas has successfully made a mark in rehab nursing.
Rehab Nursing

The services offered are:

Routine patient care such as – help in dressings, periodic turning and positioning in bed, administering oral medications
Care of a stable tracheotomy (including intermittent suctioning)
Care of a stable in-dwelling bladder catheter (including emptying/changing containers and clamping tubing)
Watching over or protecting a patient(which includes but not limited to pulse oximetry monitoring, observing respiratory status, seizure monitoring and observation in a person who is stable without cardio respiratory compromise)
Respite care, adult day care, or convalescent care