Ortho & Sports Rehabilitation

A full gamut of specialized care, including in-patient services, daycare, out-patient services, and follow-up clinics.
Losing freedom of movement due to an orthopedic injury, illness or surgery can be challenging. Ucchvas, being the best option for ortho & sports rehabilitation, aims to provide expert care and support in rebuilding ruptured strength and mobility.
The orthopedic & sports rehabilitation program at Ucchvas has components including physical and occupational therapies, minimally-invasive pain procedures, and specialized rehabilitation services. This exclusive rehab program is supported by some the most advanced rehabilitation therapies, research and programs available that create a continuum of care. We bring together the region’s foremost rehabilitative physicians, nurses, therapists, and other clinical experts to offer superior rehabilitation care.
Ortho & Sports Rehabilitation

Conditions Treated

Post Fractures
Soft Tissue Injuries
Joint replacement Surgeries


i Lux 4th Generation LASER
Joint ROM Trainer
IFT& Ultrasound Combo
Muscle Injury Assessor & Stimulator
TheraBand Studio – Strength & Conditioning Training Systems
Balance & mobility system
Prosthetics, Bracing & orthotics

Therapies Offered

Functional Training & Group Therapy System
Muscle & general body relaxation training
Sport injury Rehabilitation
On Field Injury Prevention
Agility Training