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February 16, 2019
Need of Inpatient Rehabilitation in Present Healthcare Trend

Where patients go after hospital discharge?

Inpatient rehabilitation is for patients who need intensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation services. Such inpatient programmes are designed to ameliorate function and boost each patient's highest degree of independence.


Admissions to post-acute care facilities are increasing due to efforts to reduce hospital stays and the readmission of hospitals. Instead of delivering patients home directly, hospitals often transfer patients to post-acute facilities. One reason for this trend is that post-acute services can be transferred to an inpatient facility faster than a direct discharge home and less time is spent in the hospital. Another reason is that the increased supervision of professionals in a post-acute facility reduces the probability of hospital readmission.


When do you need a short-term inpatient Rehabilitation?

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation might be encouraged as the best option for a person’s recovery and rehabilitation under certain conditions. For example, if a person suffered a serious injury or have had a joint replacement or other complex orthopaedic surgeries, inpatient rehabilitation is a good option. In such cases, the intensive therapy and comprehensive care that rehabilitation centres offer might be best for addressing your aftercare and rehabilitation requirements to ensure that you can make your best and safest possible recovery.


If a person rehabilitating from a significant cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke or have chronic health conditions that may complicate convalescence from an injury or illness, staying in an inpatient rehabilitation centre might be wise. Under such circumstances, the close medical monitoring and comprehensive, multidisciplinary care offered in this setting is probably essential to ascertain the safest and successful recovery.


Getting back on your feet with Inpatient Rehabilitation

Recovery and rehabilitation are time-sensitive due to obligations at work or home. Using an intensive inpatient rehabilitation programme can speed up your progress and help with all your daily needs; such as meals, medications and care management. Inpatient rehabilitation can free your time and energy to concentrate on your recovery. This can go a long way towards decreasing the time it takes to get back on your feet.


How Inpatient Care can be beneficial?

Easier recovery management:

An inpatient short-term rehabilitation programme provides you or your family member with the professional care required. This means your recovery can be the focus, while specialist can help with areas; such as wound care, medication management, and more.

Comprehensive, efficient, and highly coordinated care:

In addition to the ease of an inpatient programme, it also provides patients with a physician-led, multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists. This means that your recovery is befalling in one place and the staff can effectively communicate with one another.

Faster, more complete recovery:

Through an inpatient short-term rehabilitation programme, you’ll find a level of care that many outpatient programmes lack. In addition to comprehensive care, you will also get more intensive rehabilitative therapy. For example, patients in an outpatient programme may see a therapist for about 30 minutes to an hour, 1-3 times per week. In comparison, in an inpatient programme, patients receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy on a daily basis.


Lastly, safety is another major factor in inpatient rehabilitation. When discharged from the hospital, patients might be better but not necessarily ready to take care of themselves yet, which is why inpatient care is a perfect solution to prepare them to head back home

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