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What is Ucchvas?

UCCHVAS is a new generation adult physical supportive care centre for intensive physiotherapy, nursing and other rehabilitation services during stressful periods of ill health, especially in peri-hospitalisation periods.

We focus on treating patients who need to recoup after acute management of complex medical conditions. We offer unified physiotherapy, nursing, continuity of medical care and rehabilitation programmes. The plans are scientifically structured with individual-centric approach to help subjects regain functionality to near full recovery in the shortest possible time.

transitional care
  • - Neuro-Rehabilitation
  • - Ortho-Rehabilitation
  • - Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • - Onco-Rehabilitation
  • - Sports Rehabilitation
  • - Elderly Day Care
supportive care
  • - Speech Therapy
  • - Occupational Therapy
  • - Skilled Nursing
  • - Diet & Nutrition
  • - Psychological Counselling
  • - Family Care Giver Programm
home care
  • - Nursing Care
  • - Physiotherapy
  • - Bed Side Assistance
  • - Patient Food Delivery
How are we different?

We ventured into rehabilitation with an intention of providing a seamless transition of the patient from hospital to home and reduce his/her recovery time with least morbidity.

We are inclusive and holistic in our approach and do not believe in the notion of one right and best way to treat theories. We believe in crafting personalised treatment paths for individual challenges in a unique and suitable manner for that specific individual.

Since every traumatised experience leaves a mark on your psyche and productivity, we learnt to gaze beyond neurology, muscles, joints, ligaments and bones to understand not only the functional ergonomics but also be sensitive to pain and emotions for rapid healing and recovery.

We understand that every unpleasant experience leaves a mark on the psyche and affects productivity and hence learnt to gaze beyond neurology, muscles, joints, ligaments and bones to understand the functional ergonomics and be sensitive to ameliorate pain and emotions for rapid healing and recovery.

We want to rein and bridge costs of medical management in hospitals to home while trying to improve outcomes and reduce DALY’s.

We consciously created a homely ambience and environment to help quick recovery.

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